If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

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Well the years end is almost upon us and I believe it’s a good time to reflect on the events of the past year.

What did you think this year would look like and what has it ended up being?

Some of you have created a magic change in your world, some of you have just kept your head above water and let’s be honest, some of you will have gone backwards.

Now this may be the opposite for the various parts of your life.  You may have had to sacrifice your health for your wealth (never a good plan), you may have had a baby, a parent or grandparent may be ill or even died, so there are always up and downs.

Hopefully for you, the positives have outweighed the negatives and let’s face it, we can make any event mean what we choose it to mean.

A time to re-evaluate

AttitudeYep, it is that time of year where you need to sit quietly and think about what you have learnt this year.

I am not talking about new years resolutions. I am talking about reflection, and the holidays are a good chance to do that. We have some extra time and space to consider the endless possibilities that are your life.

Evaluate, Consider and Plan.

You will have to get uncomfortable to make some significant change in your world – if that’s what you want.

Without a plan – you will fail. If you don’t plan your life, your life will make plans for you. Life doesn’t just happen. For all of those that believe in fate and what will be will be, that’s great in fairyland … life doesn’t get easier, you get better at life.  You change your attitude, you get your mind in the game, you start to work hard, you believe in yourself and guess what – life gets better.


Your circumstances are rarely unique.  If you’re struggling with someone or something, chances are someone else has been in the same situation before.

In life’s craziness try to be tolerant and mindful of other people and even if you think you know someone, there may be something going on with them that you don’t know about.

Smile, it can make the world of difference.

Our mental state takes a beating over Christmas. Lack of sleep, poor nutrition choices, no exercise and too much alcohol; all have an impact on our wellbeing.

You need to practise daily rituals so that you come out the other end of Christmas better than when you went in.

Some school holiday tips

  • Always start your day with a nutritious breakfast. Eggs, rice, spinach, sweet potato, tomatoes, mushrooms and fruit are all good starters. Cereal is ok as a snack between meals.
  • Water, water, water!
  • If you have functions at work or at night, eat less for the previous meal or the following meal so that your body can cope with the extra catering.  Your stomach is the size of your fist, but can expand to the size of your head!
  • Alcohol 1 – Water 1
  • Make sure for 5 nights a week you are in bed by 11.00pm.
  • Have plenty of fresh fruit and vegies available every day.  Just because it gets warmer doesn’t mean you can’t have soup.
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