What Happened to January?

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January has come and gone and we are now officially 1/8th through the year. Have you made any inroads on those New Years Resolutions yet?

By my calculations you should be 1/8th through them or 11.7% complete.  If none of that has happened, well I guess you need to get yourself a plan and start to make a change.

Decide what you want and why you want it.

Commit yourself to what you want.

Devise a plan and include professionals in that plan.

Begin, fall down, get up, stuff it up, get up, screw it up, get up.

Repeat. Again and again.

Creating change

changes-minIn order to create change in your world you need to do things differently.

We all know it;  same makes same.

Look around you, how many people do you know that want things to be different; work, health, relationships, house, the list is endless. Many of us hope for a different version of us but aren’t committed to the process that needs to be done in order to change.

Change is uncomfortable!


reprogram-minYour body likes the path of least resistance. If you don’t give it reason to change then it won’t.


Your body is like a super computer. It will do whatever you program it to do. The mind is the hard drive and like a computer, some information needs to be dumped every now and then.


Often new material comes along and we need to carefully evaluate whether that material is worth loading or whether it needs to go to junk.


In evaluating new information we need to look at it with very different eyes. Eyes that haven’t been influenced by past experiences; eyes that are not set in one dimension; eyes that can evaluate the science or facts and then look further at the methods; eyes that don’t always see what they like but know that in order for things to be better they have to do what is hard, what is not mainstream and what is UNCOMFORTABLE.

Moving Forward

So, in order for things get better, bottom line is, YOU have to get better.


Better at doing the things that need to be done.


Better at saying NO.


Better at saying YES.


Better at defining what it is that you want.


And better at repeating the habits that will bring you closer to your goals.  Things that you told me where important.  Dreams, goals, ambitions. 


Get busy living or get busy dying!!

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