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One word can make or break your goals.  But to call it a word is not doing it justice.


It is the only thing that stands between you and your success.


Do you believe?

Sort of……

To have belief in yourself is such a powerful attribute.

To really believe that you have the power to change is all you need.

Cerebral Kaos

How often a day do you question yourself?

How many times a day do you know something but yet do another?

How sick are you of the internal fighting that goes on in between your ears.


You need to be committed to change…..for good, not just when it’s convenient or easy.

And once the motivation and the adoration fades……and they will fade, you have to keep doing the hard yards because you know how good you feel when you have control.


So what can you control?

Well, you can control everything that relates to you.

You cannot control what happens to you sometimes but you can control your attitude, your perspective and your response.

You cannot control what someone else does, says or perceives.

You can only control you!!

In relation to food and exercise you can control what goes into your mouth and you can control how you move and you can control your attitude to it.


It’s all too hard

If you think something is all too hard, then it will be.

If you start to make excuses instead of healthy meals then it will turn in to a habit and you will wake up in two years time and wonder how you got there – 20 kilos heavier.

I know this because it was me, I justified my way through life and bad eating habits…… and of course promises of starting tomorrow…..or Monday.

I did what everyone else did because I wanted to fit.  It does not matter how square the peg is it will never fit into a round hole.

Mindlessly numb behavior!!!

Walking through life unconscious!


Back to Belief……

Believe in yourself, nobody else will.

Even if you don’t believe in yourself, fake it till you make to it.

Pretend that you believe what you are saying pretty soon you will.  Practice good habits, over and over until they become just that : habit!!

It might take 5 years but the alternative is a mindless, unconscious life.


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