It Is Not What You Say It Is What You Do That Counts!!

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Have you ever really asked how someone is and already had the answer in your head?  Do you constantly answer good when someone asks you ” How are you?”. Next time someone asks you that question, why don’t you answer Fabulous, even if you are not.  Answer Superb, even if your shitty. Answer Terrific, even if you are terrible.

Look them in the eye, engage them and see what a difference you can make to their day.  Smile!   I guarantee you, you will instantly feel better.

Get out of your head and celebrate the life that is around you!

It’s not what you say…………………walkthetalk

I listen to what people say and I watch what people do. I can learn more about someone, by watching them than I can talking to them. Actions do speak louder than words. Some researchers have put the level of communication by things other than words as high as 93%. So everything you say, may not be everything you do!

Are you someone who walks the walk, or do you just talk the talk, are you a gunna or a doer, a thinker or an actioner, a promiser of many things but a deliverer of nothing?

Stand up

What do you stand for? What makes you stand up and take action? How full does your cup have to be before you do something about your life.

Now, there is probably nothing wrong with your life, but what about you in your life. Do you often complain, whinge, moan (excluding bootcamp of course, where it’s expected). You have much to celebrate, but sometimes we cannot see what we have as the focus is always on what we don’t have.

When the only wealth is health……

I heard a saying the other day which said alot about life. Now we all know by now that the best Wealth is Health!! Yes? But have you ever stopped to think that we spend our first 50 years creating our wealth by sacrificing our health and then the next 50 is spent spending our Wealth to regain our Health! Have we a clue?





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