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Who is doing the same thing and hoping for a different result?

Well, lets not tell porkies here. On some level we all want something different. Some things we can’t control like the weather, other people’s thoughts, some a%$& that cut you off and of course your genetics.

But most things we can manage.

We can manage where we live if we don’t like the weather, and if that’s not an option we can manage our attitude to the weather.

We can manage our minds!   We can interpret, decide, devise and choose our reactions, our thoughts, our stress.

And we can manage our genetics.

A little story

As a kid growing up the catch cry from my “beautiful caring” siblings was “Jowler”

Yep, that is what they knicknamed me.  Obviously my jowels were quite large.  By the time I was about 8 I was already overweight.  I was fit and I was fast as a swimmer but as for running I couldn’t run a step.

I was told (and hence believed) that I was big boned!!  Heavy Set (no I am not Fijian).  And that it was just puppy fat.

As I filled my face with yet more crap food including but not limited to lollies, soft drink, chocolate and chips (french fries were my favourite, the thinner and crispier the better) surprisingly my puppy fat became teenage fat, and then young women fat and then mum fat.

I need to go on a diet


Ever since I can remember I have been on some sort of diet.  And this is not uncommon, 90% of the people I see are in the same boat.

But, I would go on a diet for a day, a week, once I even lasted till lunch time!!!!!

Dieting for me started somewhere about 11 years of age.  There were times when I wouldn’t eat, only to eat so much I made up for all those calories I didn’t eat plus a few more.

Now I am a fairly good eater.  I love food. But now the difference is I know what effect all the food I eat has on my body and the way it makes me feel.

Not only from an emotional viewpoint but also a physical point.  Food can actually make you sick.  Too much or not enough of one or more of the food groups can cause you severe damage.

Too much protein and you will end up with kidney stones.

Too much fat and you will end up with arthersclerosis.

Too much carbos and you will end up with diabeties.

And now…

I am careful.

You know what sometimes I would like to stuff my face full of chocolate, and if you know me well enough you know that I love, love lollies.

I know my weakness, I stay away from them and I don’t miss them.  Like you, I make deals with myself.  Once you run 10 km you can have some snakes.

I avoid the crap food isles, which is most of the supermarket.  I don’t buy them for my kids and then secretly eat them whilst they are in bed.

I don’t eat takeway, besides the expense I am hungry in another 30 minutes and there ain’t a hell of lot of vegies in fish ‘n’ chips.

When I go out, I take my own food.  Crap food is crap and its bloody expensive.

Have you ever thought to stop and think of why people call it “junk food”.  Forget the political correctness people, its crap, crap, crap.  Even when its dressed up as antipasto and cheese and greens its still crap!!

And the point


People can change.   We can change our hair, our clothes, our makeup, our shoes and we can transform our bodies.

But for real change to occur it needs to be deep within.

Real, deep, emotional change comes from stepping outside of what makes you comfortable and doing what you have never done before.

Real change comes from discipline.  Not motivation, not occasion ready, not new years resolutions.  Discipline.

Doing what needs to be done every day to get the results you want!

And I know you want them.

Sure, there will be setbacks.  There will be frustration and there will be tears.  But in the long run if you truly want to be healthy, lean, firm and active it will cost.

You will need to spend less time making deals with your conscience and more time doing whats right.  Less time drinking ales and more time on the water.  Less time socializing with food and more time catching up over a walk.

You need to do what needs to be done otherwise stop whinging about it.

I know its hard sometimes, but if it wasn’t hard and it didn’t come with some cost everyone would be doing it and we as a nation wouldn’t be the fattest there is.

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