Time…When You Try To Negotiate With The Non-Negotiable

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I read a lot.  Love to read anything that has to do with Health and Fitness.  I also have a great love of anything about human behaviour.  It is fascinating to hear everyone’s different desires and thoughts.

One of the things that always seem to resonate with most of you is that we don’t have enough time.



This got me thinking, (I know that may surprise some of you) but is the problem that we don’t have enough time or is that we are so preoccupied with fitting everything in and working to a schedule that we have too much to do in the time that we have.

Being as smart as I am 🙂 I have concluded that we can’t bend time.  We cannot get more of it.  We cannot slow it down and we cannot reuse it.

So what’s the solution I hear you ask?

Good Question.

There is not one answer on how much you should fit into one day and this is especially true as every single person that I come across has a different agenda and is at a different stage of THEIR life.

Yup, there maybe parallels in peoples lives, but the consensus is that everyone is different.

Everyone has different priorities, goals, agendas, appetites for life, and different likes.  We are not all the same!


A task for you


If you struggle to fit everything in and want a better solution there is a little task that I want you to do.

Firstly write down you top 8 priorities in your life.

Go on write them down….Now

Next write down the 8 things that you spend most of your time on.

See if there is any correlation between what you think is important and what you actually spend your time doing.

Now change!!!

Or get a plan to change…

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